Richard Bossons is an architect and camera historian with a passion for early cinematography, particularly during the golden era of Soviet film-making in the 1920s. An interest in the Debrie Parvo camera that was used by most of the great silent film directors in Europe became inevitably focused on the film that features the camera in a starring role. He realised that whilst a huge amount had been written about ‘Man with a Movie Camera’ by film studies academics there was little about the cameras that were so central to the story-line of the film, and the way it was shot. Anything that was mentioned was usually inaccurate. This led to further work investigating other neglected aspects of this masterpiece such as the filming locations and the early screenings of the film.

Richard’s extensive research can be found on Academia. His work has been praised by leading film historians as ‘opening up new avenues for research’ and  a ‘huge step ahead in our knowledge of the film’

He thought a website for a non-academic audience would be an opportunity to gather together all the strands of information about ‘Man with a Movie Camera’ to enhance the pleasure of watching this ground-breaking film, still a thrilling experience today over 90 years after it was made.

Man with a Movie Camera (2)

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